The most impressed is the unrefined Karitébutter (shea butter) due

to its diverse application possibilities and amazing effect.

Shea butter is very rich in important vitamins and minerals.

   It is a reseachered and tested natural product.

  Important content:


Vitamin E

Beta carotene

Omega 3 fat acids


oleic acids

stearic acid

linoleic acid



triterpene alcohol


 Each of these contents has its own special effect and in the composition

      with sheabutter almost a miracle.


Allantoin, for example, has anti-inflammatory properties.

This active ingredient is important in wound healing.

This substance can also make a big difference in skin diseases and rash.

The use of atopic dermatitis is recommended in any case, but other skin problems can also be treated with sheabutter.


Shea butter also helps with the regeneration and the

construction of cells,

which is why this oil is often used as an anti-aging agent.


The substances in the shea butter also work very well with dry skin.

The skin becomes more elastic and supple.

This protects the skin and makes it not lose moisture.

The aging process is slowed down.


Even for the hair, the sheabutter provides effective protection.

An hour before hair washing you massage it gently into the hair, the hair can absorb all the care contents.

The hair becomes shiny and supple.




The faithful four-legged friends profit physically from the many-sided qualities of the sheabutter.

A perfect treatment for paws.


These are, for example, heavily strained in the streets during the winter.

The long-lasting refatting sheabutter forms an effective protective layer in this case.


Since unrefined sheabutter contains no chemical additives, it is completely harmless to the animals,

even if they lick the paws for cleaning or assisting the wound healing.




Avocado oil is an extremely

versatile oil. It maintains the Skin after application and has an effect on the cell regeneration of the skin and hair.


The oil absorbs quickly and makes the skin supple. It is suitable for dry skin types,

oily skin,

as well as for mixed skin.


The positive properties of the avocado oil for the skin are numerous:

  • attracts well into the skin
  • makes the skin supple
  • is well tolerated
  • maintains brittle hair
  • prevents acne and pimples and helps to heal these
  • helps to treat irritated and chapped skin areas
Avocado oil mainly provides dry skin
Moisture and leads to a more elastic (younger looking) skin image.
In the long term, avocado oil produces a clearer skin and more tension and vitality.


Coconut oil has a great abundance of healthy contents.


Because of its

natural composition it can be applyed on any part of the skin.


Due to its antibacterial effect, coconut oil is a very good remedy for inflammatory skin diseases.


The skin is cleansed, moisturized, and so affected that it can quickly decay irritated skin parts in the future.


With its valuable content, it tightens the skin, provides it with a lot of fresh moisture and thus ensures a smooth, smooth skin.


Likewise, coconut oil has a whole range of different vitamins and minerals as contents, which strengthen the dry hair from the inside out.


The nourishing oil provides valuable moisture to the hair. It makes it supple and stimulates the hair roots.


Hair growth is stimulated.


The nourishing properties of high-quality Moringa oil are ideal for hair and skin care.


Wonderful effects are contained by the numerous antioxidants in the Moringa oil.


It is particularly rich in vitamins A and C, preventing premature wrinkling.


Other vitamins, iron, zinc, copper and magnesium protect the cells and stimulate the cell repair and the regeneration process of the skin.


The many effects of the oil at a glance:


  • is very similar to your own skin fat and is therefore well received
  • has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects.
  • supports the healing process
  • neutralizes (body) odorsacts against dry skin (due to the contained omega-fatty acids) and binds moisture



The pure lemon, orange oil is obtained by cold pressing of the shell.


The concentration of the ingredients is correspondingly variable.


Lemon, orange oil strengthens fingernails, hair and has a firming effect on the skin.


These essential oils are cleansing, anti-bacterial and reduce the pores. This promotes cleansing of the skin.


Among other things, they also work against wrinkles and can be combined with different oils.


Dry, chapped skin experiences visible relaxation, the skin cells can regenerate themselves with the help of these oils.


The fragrance of the lemon enhances the ability to concentrate and is an everyday mood agent.


The fragrance of orange, on the other hand, is relaxing and soothing.


Almond oil is a mild oil, which is particularly suitable for the care of dry skin.


It can be used very well as day and night care for the skin.

The mild oil brings minerals into the cells and provides moisture.

Almond oil has a cooling and soothing effect.


Among other things, it is especially recommended for brittle hair.

The fatty acids envelop the hair and protect it from harmful environmental influences.

The hair tips are smoothed and freed the scalp of dander.


Thus, it naturally combats splitting and hair loss.

In addition, the many nutrients maintain the hair, renew the cells and promote hair growth.


Almond oil is often used to make hair shine.


Vanilla extract is obtained by extracting vanilla pods.


The Vanillin contained in the vanilla extract has an antibacterial effect on the skin and helps the skin to get rid of impurities.


This essential oil is full of B vitamins such as vitamins B1, B3, B5 and B6, which play an important role in the regeneration of the skin and hair, which contribute to a healthy and natural complexion or supple hair.


The scent of vanilla is appreciated for its soothing and relaxing effect.

The high-quality macadamia oil is ideal as a beauty product.


For the most part the

healthy fats have a positive effect on the entire human organism.                  


Its nourishing properties give the golden oil its status.

These are phosphorus, iron, sodium, vitamin B, calcium and vitamin E.



Because of these many healthy ingredients, this pure oil is so popular.

Especially with dry skin and brittle/split hair.


 The precious oil sets a protective

 film over the wetted parts, thus ensuring that moisture

 is retained in the skin and hair and which also does not penetrate to the outside.


In addition, a high proportion of palmitoleic acid is included, making the

 Caring oil penetrates quickly into the skin or hair.

These are not only smoothed, but get their natural shine.

In this way, the macadamia oil regulates the moisture balance of the skin and hair.


The success is directly visible because the hair and the skin are preserved

with their natural splendor and they bounce back again.

Of course, the special oil can also work well with normal skin.

Because of its excellent properties, this valuable oil is also called the ideal massage oil.


Consumers who care for their body with precious macadamia oil can

look forward to shiny hair and shimmering skin.



The scent of rose oil is for most people on an emotional level soothing and beneficial to health.

Because it contains vitamins A and C, omega 6 an omega 9 fatty acids, beta carotene an lycopene.


 These ingredients are all good antioxidants and help to repair skin damage as much as possible.

The precious oil, which for a single drop is about thirty flowers necessary, stimulates

 cell regeneration and soothes skin irritations. 


Every skin type can use the preious rose oil. 

It promotes blood circulation, improves its share of unsaturated fatty acids

and also the resilience of the skin and compensates for moisture deficits.


 Of course the hair can benefit too, because the hair is supplied with a lot of moisture.

Dry and brittle hair, after a treatment with the essential oil, quickly become brighter and healthier again.


Accordingly, the magical flowery scent catches in the hair or in the skin and accompanies us 

throughout the day, which verifiably enhances our well-being.



Menthol is an herbal active substance which is strict taken from

essential oils of certain plants, from where the mint can be obtained.



The best known of these is of course the peppermint.



This aromatic oil nurturing effectiveness for hair growth.

 Peppermint oil has antiseptic, regenerative and so stimulates

 capable of hair follicles, thus promoting hair growth or beard growth.


 The effect is due to the menthol contained in the essential oil.

 Peppermint oil as a natural remedy and is optimal for 

restoring and caring the health of the human organism.


  Because of its antibacterial,

cooling and analgesic effect it

reduces irritation and itching effectively.


  In view of the fact, the refreshing scent of peppermint regulates

     fatigue and increases the ability to concentrate.





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